User Guide

Users can search the sequencing datasets using 9 fields of the metadata, including species, dataset types, GEO numbers, sequencing instrument, cell line/tissue types, SRA accession number and so on. One or more key words are accepted to precisely get the desired datasets.
Data comparison section performs Differential gene expression (DGE) analysis between any two datasets of the same species and type, both on transcriptome and translatome levels.
In translation indices section, the translation indices TR and EVI can be calculated for single sample to quantitatively evaluate translational initiation efficiency and elongation velocity, respectively.
Submit Your Data: Users can submit their own translatome sequencing datasets (including RNC-seq, Ribo-seq and corresponding mRNA-seq) for analysis.

The details of transcriptome reference sequences

Species Source * Version
Arabidopsis NCBI TAIR10 RefSeq-RNA
Bacillus NCBI str.168 RefSeq-RNA
Caenorhabditis UCSC WS220/ce10 RefSeq-RNA
Drosophila UCSC Dm6 RefSeq-RNA
E.coli NCBI BW25113 RefSeq-RNA
Human UCSC hg19 RefSeq-RNA
Mouse UCSC mm10 RefSeq-RNA
Plasmodium NCBI 3D7 RefSeq-RNA
Rattus UCSC Rn6 RefSeq-RNA
Trypanosome NCBI DAL972 RefSeq-RNA
Xenopus NCBI Xenopus_laevis_v2 RefSeq-RNA
Yeast NCBI S288C RefSeq-RNA
Zebrafish UCSC Zv9/danRer7 RefSeq-RNA
* Download source: UCSC = UCSC Genome Browser; NCBI = NCBI Nucleotide database.
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